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Below are a selection of helpful questions and answers.

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What is the accommodation?

There are two properties:
Podsbrook House:
- 24 Studio apartments (suitable for single people)
- Three one-bedroom apartments (suitable for single people and couples)
- Three two-bedroom apartments (suitable for single people and couples)
- One three-bedroom apartment (suitable for couples)

 Noel Pelly House in Collingwood Road:
- Four studio apartments (suitable for single people) 
- Three one-bedroom apartments (suitable for single people and couples)

Are properties furnished?

All the properties are unfurnished.

How do I pay my rent and service charge?

Rent is paid by Bank Standing Order.  We can help you set this up and make changes.

What do I pay?

You pay rent monthly, depending on your apartment. This includes accommodation, heating and hot water, with other utility bills your responsibility. A monthly service charge, calculated annually, covers your share of the bills for maintenance of the common areas.

Who is responsible for repairs in my apartment?

Witham Housing Association is responsible for repairs to structure, common areas and fixtures and fittings.  Decoration of the apartment is the responsibility of the resident.

Do we have somewhere guests can stay?  

For a small fee, and subject to booking and agreement in advance, we have a room in each property for short term stays.


How does availability and use of the Laundry facilities work?

In Podsbrook House, use of laundry is on a first come first served basis.  In Noel Pelly, there is a rota during the day, and first come first served by night. 

Is there WIFI?

WIFI is available in the residents’ lounge areas in Podsbrook and in Noel Pelly.

Is there an aerial or satellite connection for television?

There is a Sky dish and aerial with connections in the rooms.  Residents should arrange and pay for their own satellite television packages.

Are meals provided?



I have a disability or condition which requires constant care. Is this provided as part of the accommodation?

We cannot provide care for our residents, but we can help you arrange for independent carers.   There is limited wheelchair accessibility in our properties, and we do have a room with limited capacity for storage and charging of mobility scooters.  

What support do you offer?

We have a Support Officer, who can provide initial help, advice and direction to ensure correct support is arranged, and also acts as a good neighbour in emergency situations.  


Are there any events or clubs for residents?

There are a number of events for residents including seasonal parties, bingo, outings, coffee mornings and fitness classes.  Residents are welcome to take part, but some are also open to non-residents to encourage wider socialising and to raise awareness of our community.  

What facilities are there in the residents’ lounge?

There are various games, a pool table, and lounge chairs in our common rooms to allow our residents to relax and socialise. There is also a shared desktop computer with internet access.  


What are the Rules for living in this accommodation?

Rules for living in the accommodation are set out in our policies in the Tenancy Agreement. We expect our residents to live sociably and with due consideration to other residents, the staff and neighbours and to take care with the Association’s and others’ property.  

What restrictions are there for having guests in our apartments?

You may have visitors to your apartments, but you are responsible for ensuring that they behave in a sociable manner.  

What if I fall behind in my rent? 

If you have a problem with the rent, the first thing is to talk over the problem the Operations Manager or Support Officer at the earliest stage. They will work with you to explore what assistance is available and to try and find a solution, such as help with the process of applying for benefits. This aspect is set out clearly in our Income Management Policy. The policy and associated procedures, reflect the need to provide suitable assistance whilst allowing for appropriate recovery actions through legal options as and when necessary. As part of this assistance, our Support Officer can help with the process of applying for benefits.

Are we allowed pets?

You are allowed pets at the discretion of the trustees and the Operations Manager. Written approval must be obtained. 


Who is on the management committee?

The management committee consists of the Operations Manager, a resident’s representative and volunteer Chairman and Management representatives.

What tenant representation is there on the Management Committee?

There is an annual meeting, which all residents are invited to attend. 

What is the process if I have a grievance? 

We have a complaints procedure which ensures that grievances are heard and acted upon fairly.  

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